Introduction to Web Service

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Web Service is an application that is designed to interact directly with other applications over the internet. In simple sense, Web Services are means for interacting with objects over the Internet. The Web serivce consumers are able to invoke method calls on remote objects by using SOAP and HTTP over the Web. WebService is language independent and Web Services communicate by using standard web protocols and data formats, such as HTTP XML SOAP Advantages of Web Service Web Service messages are formatted as XML, a standard way for communication between two incompatible system. And this message is sent via HTTP, so that they can reach to any machine on the internet without being blocked by firewall. Examples for Web Service Weather Reporting: You can use Weather Reporting web service to display weather information in your personal website. Stock Quote: You can display latest update of Share market with Stock Quote on your web site.Read More

Display data on Click of Row in GridView using Jquery and Web Service in


Display data on Click of Row in GridView using Jquery and Web Service in //Table Script————————————————–------------------------------------------------------- CREATE TABLE [tblgrid]( [UserId] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [userName] [varchar](50) NULL, [City] [varchar](50) NULL, [Designation] [varchar](50) NULL, [sal] [bigint] NULL ) Design Page or Aspx Page--------------------------------------------------------------- Read More

Handling JSON returned from ASP.NET Web Services with JQuery

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There appear to be many articles showing how to use jQuery with ASP.NET Web Services around, but the vast majority of them illustrate the use of PageMethods that return a single value - typically "Hello World!" or the current date and time. Not much use in the real world, where you may more often need to call a service that returns a collection of complex objects. Here are a couple of examples that look at playing with more than just simple values. Follow Two Steps for Implementation Step 1: Add below section to Head Tag Read More

Use of Post and Get Method in Jquery


Use of Post Method in Jquery to Send Data on Button Click $(document).ready(function(){ $('input[id$="Button Id"]').click(function(){ var Fname="Text Value"; // name is local variable you can use without declaring. var res=$.post('Path of Generic Handler or Webservise', { name: Fname}, function (result) { alert(result); }); rsp.errorRead More