Using DataList control display multiple records per row in an ASP.NET

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DataLists are usually used to display HTML format in rows and column. We can customize the DataList layout through its RepeatColumns and RepeatDirection properties, which, respectively, indicate how many columns are rendered and whether those items are laid out vertically or horizontally. The RepeatDirection property can accept one of two values, that is, Vertical or Horizontal. The RepeatDirection is Vertical by default. RepeatDirection="Horizontal" A DataList control is useless without templates. A template is a combination of HTML elements, controls, and embedded server controls, and can be used to customize and manipulate the layout of a control. You can also customize the DataList control at run time using the ListItemType property in the ItemCreated event You can also do the same at run time by specifying your desired layout using the RepeatLayout property of the DataList control DataList1.RepeatLayout = RepeatLayout.FlowRead More